Anti-static Flooring Grey Color for Data Center


Product Description:

Static Control Floor Tiles are designed for commercial use in which heavy wear and or electrostatic interference are expected. The tiles are manufactured from PVC, plasticizes, stabilizers, and color pigments re-enforced by special quartz fillers.

Product Properties

Electrical Properties

Electrical Resistance  by Surface at 500  Volts DC  = 1 x 106 ohms

Electrical Resistance  by Volume at 500  Volts DC  = 1 x 108 ohms

Meets IBM requirements regarding flooring computer rooms


Static Control Floor Tiles offer great resistance to induction when adhered to subfloors. They are suitable for applications involving extremely heavy impact wear,

Shore D/10 Hardness Test Grade 75


No signs of breaking or failure when tested to BS 3261, Type B.

Frictional Resistance

Great Non-Slip properties under normal conditions of use.

Wear & Abrasion

Quartz reinforcement provides excellent abrasion resistance.

Fire Resistance

Static Floor Tiles are rated Class 1 surface spread of flame and self extinguishing.

Thermal Movement

Coefficient of expansion : 0.06mm/deg/c/m

Chemical Resistance

Resistance to concentrated acids and alkalis, fats, oils and strong detergents.


Size:         305mm x 305mm            /  610mm x 610mm &  27″ x 25m Rolls

Thickness:  2.0mm x 3.00mm



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